The office

       The office has been providing legal services since the end of 2002. Before this  Mgr. Martin Straka had worked for more than 4 years as a legal junior and after it as a partner at the Skacel, Honzik and partners law office.
       Our team has succeeded in finding solutions of several smaller, middle as well as large projects. Corporate fusions representing value over CZK 1mld., wide range of similar, lower volume cases as company sales, joint stock company capital stock raises, securities assignments etc., join ventures, full legal assistance for companies up to hundreds of employees, full legal  assistance in real estate assignment and lease in amounts over hundreds of mil. CZK.  In collection and recovery we represent important banks.
       With respect to above mentioned cases, its nature and volume we prepare or analyse in fact all sorts of legal documentation, namely agreements, conclusions, arrangements covering both, ad hoc and repetitive cases or transactions as well. We provide our clients with legal representation in judicial and arbitration proceedings. If needed, we extend legal consulting also in criminal law where we have reached great experience and appreciable gain. Compared to many other law offices we find as an advantage our capacity to act flexibly and find unorthodox solutions. We do agree our fees and costs individually with our clients according to dispositions, matter and time volume of legal service. We are the registered VAT payer.





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